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At 5:25 AM, two dropships are deployed to the Primary Operations Complex, but they are separated by hurricane winds and the one carrying Harrison (the player character) and Major McCain is damaged and forced to make an emergency landing outside the POC. Red Team and Sergeant Hall are ordered to restore the main power core, White Team is ordered to locate security control, and "Blackwell's boys" (Blackwell, Shugi, and Harrison) are ordered to head to the East Landing Bay. Harrison takes point but a structural collapse blocks Blackwell and Shugi from following him, and disables his radio transmitter, allowing him to hear but not talk to the rest of the marines. Harrison manages to reset the generator in the East Landing Bay and reactivate the beacon there on his own, and McCain's dropship immediately lands there. After reuniting with his team, Harrison is then sent to the nearest security office to activate the POC's automated defense grid. He succeeds, but accidentally wakes up the POC's alien inhabitants in the process. McCain's dropship departs without Harrison, who is ordered to rendezvous with Hall's team, which he does by commandeering an APC. Once reunited with what is left of Hall's team, he is informed that Hall has been taken by the aliens. Most of the team gets inside the APC and stays there while Harrison attempts to rescue Hall on foot, but by the time he finds her, she has already been impregnated with a Chestburster. She dies as Harrison finds her. He then returns to the APC, and depart in it to reunite with the rest of the marines at the Southern Landing, which has been secured by White Team.

aliens vs predator keygen generator

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