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Black Girls Sex Stories LINK

I was away helping a family member out when I met Shira. She was a 18 year old black girl with beautiful brown eyes, nice full lips, perfect round breasts and wide thighs that bloomed into her nice big ass.

black girls sex stories

She unzipped my denims and reached in to pull my member out. She laid her hand on my cock and gasped. She looked up and pulled it out. She licked my cock from base to tip all while looking me in the eyes. I let her lick,suck,and stroke it until I was ready to enter her sweet black pussy.

She came to her feet and kissed me. I unzipped and pulled her denims down. Her black pussy glimmering in the light and her ass filling her thong in excess making me want her even more. She licked my ear then whispered,"I've never had a cock in me baby, be gentle."

Donna sat up in her bed and recognized the sounds coming from her mother's bedroom. Her mother was a maid and her boss would dominate her in the bedroom. The white woman would degrade her mom and make her do all kinds of perverted sex acts. She would often bring along friends to join in her mother's humiliation. It got so bad that when her employer did not pay her a visit her mom would go out and pick up a white woman or women and bring them home to use and abuse her. One night she peeked in her mother's bedroom to witness her mother eating pussy while being rammed from behind with a huge white dildo. When confronted her mom said that she loved the lewd sex, humiliation, and total submission to her white domineering women. Donna often masturbated while thinking about it but unlike her mother she did not want to submit but rather longed to dominate and have her pussy serviced by a wagging tongue. Preferably by a white girl or woman. Her strong desire was to be the total opposite of her mom.The nineteen year old ebony knockout got up and admired her sexy body in the mirror. Her hands caressed her well endowed breasts until her nipples were stiff and stuck out proudly. Her mother also had huge breasts but they hung down to her waist. Donna vowed never to let that happen to her. Her mother was way overweight and while not skinny herself she was far from fat and intended to work out and keep it that way. Donna had just graduated from high school and was going out of state to college in the fall. She was eager to dominate white women but didn't know how to go about it. She logged on her computer and decided to try to find a lesbian meeting site. Donna tingled with wild excitement when she discovered an interracial lesbian web site. She entered the chat room and marveled at what she saw. Most of the white chicks seemed to be vying for a chance to worship at the alter of a dominate black woman named Luscious Leona. Donna got wet and turned on reading all the begging and pleading to please the black woman any way she wanted. Donna sent a message to Leona stating, "How do you do it? I am a 19 year old black woman and am longing to control white women and have them eat my pussy but I just don't know how to go about it. I would really appreciate some pointers. Please."Leona responded, "Send me a picture of yourself and I don't mean just any old photo. Finger fuck yourself, play with your tits, and stick out your tongue. If it's hot and I like what I see then you will get my picture and then you'll know why they all want me. Hell baby girl teaching a sister to be a Dom over white bitches could prove to be a real turn-on for me. Don't keep me waiting too long."Donna turned on the web cam and did as she was instructed. She found this so fucking arousing that she let her juices flow and soaked her fingers with sticky cum. She sent off the pictures adding, "I sure hope you like them."Fifteen minutes later Donna received the picture and note. Leona exclaimed, "I do girl, I really do like what I see. The bitch chowing out on my creaming cunt is my next door neighbor. She just can't get enough. Can you get out or have company tonight? I'm trying to pick a white bitch to feed my hot cunt to. Perhaps I could get the runner-up to meet with you. Do I have your permission to send her your picture? No doubt she will like it and send you her photo and an email."The young black girl was aflame as she stared intently at the white woman eagerly slurping up the flooding pussy of the stunningly sexy big black woman. Her heart skipped a beat as she explained her situation with her mother and gave her approval to her new friend to send the picture. A half hour later she got an email with a picture of a white woman saying, "Leona said that if I pleased you she would grant me the right to pleasure her. You are a most beautiful and sexy girl and I would be honored to serve you in any way you desire. I am yours whenever you want me."Donna got even hotter as she looked at the photo of the naked white woman with a pretty face, slender body, light brown hair and shaved pussy. The woman's breasts were medium sized and her eyes were green. Donna guessed the woman's age to be around thirty. She shot back an email with her address and phone # and simply ordered, "Get your slut ass over here right now bitch." She immediately received a response stating, "It will take me about a half-hour to get there. I am leaving now." Donna considered putting on something sexy but decided that staying naked would be even better. She thought about the woman's shaved pussy just like her mothers and her own lush bush of curly black pubic hair. In her mind the bush signified dominance. She strolled down the stairs to greet her guestDonna sat on the sofa playing with herself until she heard a timid knock on the door. She let the white woman in and asked, "Do you like what you see bitch? Bet you can't wait to bury your pretty face between my hairy legs. Tell me baby. Tell me how much you want it."The well dressed woman meekly replied. I love what I see and obeying your every command would be an honor. Your hairy pussy is dripping and it looks so delicious and inviting. Tell me what you want me to do to earn the right to eat your sweet pussy." The young black girl smiled and said, "Follow me to the bedroom." She wiggled her big ass as she ascended the steps. She was pleased and excited when she turned to see the woman transfixed and drooling at the sight of her beautiful buttocks. When they entered the bedroom the woman paused as she heard the sounds of the sexual romp in the room next door. Donna Demanded, Strip for me bitch and do it slowly in an enticing manner. Don't pay any attention to the noise in the next room. That's just my mother having sex with some white women." When the woman was naked Donna exclaimed, "I'm so fucking hot. Get on your skinny knees and eat me out bitch. In no time at all you will be drinking my hot cum that you crave so damn much. Do it now!"The woman eagerly complied and immediately ate the hairy muff pie with vigor. She licked, sucked, and fingered in a feeding frenzy and as promised the slimy cum oozed out of the smoldering cunt into her hungry sucking mouth. She continued lapping and offered, "Your damn cunt is the best I ever tasted and I want some more. Please."Donna was floating on a cloud and couldn't get over the fact that this experience exceed her wildest expectations. She told the woman, "Don't worry baby there is plenty more where that came from. Tell me more about yourself. What is your name? How long have you been eating black pussy and how did you get started? When you've told me what I want to know you may nurse on my big tits, suck my toes, tongue fuck my ass, and kiss every inch of my body. Then I will once more feed you my hot cunt and savory cum. Couldn't help but notice how much you loved it but you did it all so well that I loved it too. If you do what I tell you then Leona will receive a letter of recommendation from me but I want to be with you again myself. Well!?"The adoring woman stated, "My name is Amy. About three years ago I discovered my husband was cheating on me with a black woman. I found out her address and went to her place to confront her. When I did she just laughed and threw me to the floor. She then sat on my face and made me eat her smelly pussy. At first I was horrified and struggled but the smell, the taste, and her dirty talk turned me on like nothing I've experienced before. She told me that all white women loved eating superior black women and once they got a taste they were hooked. Then the doorbell rang and three of her black women friends came into the house. They were there to play cards and I was to serve them drinks. They made me get naked and fondled my tits, ass, and pussy. Then they made me get under the table and eat all of their cunts. I did it for hours and had to admit she was right. There was no denying that I loved it all even when they called me vile names and degraded me in every possible manner. The very next day she came to my house and told me to eat her out again. When I did she asked me if I tasted anything different. After saying yes she informed me that it was my husband's cum. My husband moved in with her but she would sometimes come by with her friends and they would all feed me the black pussy that I craved so much. The last time she visited me she said that it was over as her and my husband were moving to another state. I was so saddened that I didn't think to ask her for the phone numbers of her friends. I did manage to have a couple of one night stands with black women but it was not the same. They were very nice but did not dominate me and I missed that. I just recently found the interracial lesbian chat room and Leona was exactly what I was looking for but was so busy that I had to wait in line. Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me. I do want to be with Leona but I still want to serve you my love."Donna was turned on again by her story and motioned her over and said, Come on baby and worship me with your tongue and mouth. Amy suckled the ebony breast like a child seeking milk, kissed her way down to her cunt and kissed it lovingly, then she lifted the girl's legs, tongue fucked and sucked the puckered brown hole with fervor and then she tasted the black juicy cunt she loved so much. Donna was out of her mind with lust and cried out, "Hell yeah, just like that you fucking pig slut! You were made to eat black pussy so don't stop. Lick it, suck it, and drink all my cum. Fuck yeaghhhhhhhhh. Just like that! Here it cumsssss. Yesssssss! Oh, oh, oh, you eat pussy soooo gooodddd.Yessss." They heard the women leaving her mother's room and Donna had an idea. She grabbed Amy by the hair and led her to her mother's bed. Donna dragged Amy to her mother's bed and commanded,"Eat my mother's big fat cunt and drink her juices and after that mom will eat you out. Eating white pussy is her favorite thing in the world but I bet she will also adore your slut tongue and mouth." Amy didn't hesitate at all and eagerly devoured the mother's sloppy cunt. It didn't take long for the older black woman to climax and flood Amy's mouth with hot sticky cum. Donna marveled as the slender white woman licked and sucked on her mom's leaking cunt. Donna declared, "Damn woman your mouth is like a fucking vacuum. I'm getting hot again just watching. Now change places and let my mom feast on your white pussy." Donna's mother Beth dove right in head first and eagerly devoured the totally aroused white woman. Donna watched in amazement and wondered what it was like to eat pussy but didn't believe that it would fit her dominance role. She sat on Amy's face and fucked furiously. Donna walked Amy to the door and told her that they would see each other again very soon. Before she went to bed Donna shot off an email to Leona telling her all about what happened.The next morning Donna awoke,poured some coffee, and got on her computer. Her eyes opened wide and she tingled with delight as she read Leona's reply. Leona stated, "Baby girl I have got great news for you. A slender white woman of thirty-nine with blue eyes and blonde hair wants to party with me. To top it off she is going to bring her eighteen year old daughter! They are coming to my place at 6pm tomorrow night. I thought you might want to join the party. Well what do you say? Let me know ASAP."The excited young black girl replied, "Fuck yes! It will take me about two hours to drive to your place. I will leave about noon and get there early. Is that all right with you?"Leona answered, "Hell yeah baby. It will be good to see you. We can talk and get to know each other better before they get here. Get plenty of sleep and be rested for some hot action. See you when you get here." Leona left her address and phone number.The next say Donna was on her way to the orgy. She couldn't remember ever being so excited or so filled with eager anticipation. She parked in her new friend's driveway and rang the doorbell. Donna was already dripping wet with sweet desire when the tall ebony knockout opened the door and let her in. The young black girl sat on the sofa as Her friend went to pour a couple of whiskey sours for them both. They sipped their drinks and chatted when suddenly Leona stood up from her chair, opened her robe, displayed her well stacked body and announced, "Not bad for a 42 year old woman is it? What do you think?"Donna exclaimed, "Damn you're something else woman! No wonder you have all the white bitches lined up to service you. I would have guessed that you were maybe thirty-five. How did you manage to meet a mother and daughter?"Leona smiled and said, "I haven't met them yet, at least not in person. The mother sent me an e mail and pleaded just like the rest of them. When she told me that her daughter wanted to play too she went right to the head of the line. I'm so glad that you had such a good time with Amy. Perhaps we can do her together as well. If all goes well tonight will be even better. We have to be careful with the drinks though so drink slowly. It's all right to get a little buzz on but we don't want to get drunk before they arrive. I can't wait to let the good times roll. My cunt is crying out for some action. Bet you fell the same way huh baby girl?" They talked and sipped their drinks and discussed how turned-on they both were just thinking about having a white mother and daughter be their cunt lapping sluts. Leona's robe opened again and she couldn't help but notice the look of lust on her new friend's face as she stared at her humongous breasts. She almost propositioned Donna but decided to wait for the mother and daughter to arrive. Finally the doorbell rang and the amazon knockout hurried to greet her guests. She ushered them into the living room, fetched them drinks, sat them on the sofa on either side of Donna and inquired,"What are your names and have you ever done this before. I am well aware of the fact that you said that you have never done this together but why have you decided to do this together now? What events if any led you to this? As you know my name is Leona and this young lady is my friend Donna. Normally I meet new sluts alone but I thought it would be kinky and wild to offer you two hot black women to service. Don't you agree?"The mother answered,"My name is Carol and this is my daughter Amber. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Amber had changed and was acting strange. I finally got her to tell me what happened to her. She had just graduated from high-school and was down town seeking employment. Suddenly a group of four black girls grabbed her from the street and led her into an alley. They then forced her into an abandon warehouse. Then she was made to kiss, lick, and suck their pussies and ass-holes as well as their breasts. Seems that she really liked it and has been back down town several more times to visit her new found friends. It wasn't easy to get her to confide this to me as she was so frightened that I would be angry and think of her as a nasty slut. I told her that I understood and that when in college I had a similar experience but unlike Amber I wasn't forced. My roommate was a stunning black girl and she seduced me. It was my first time with a female and I just couldn't get enough. All through school I was her fuck-slut. I would eat her pussy for hours at a time. She fucked me with a big fat black dildo and shared me with her mother and all of their friends. When I went back home I tried to put it all behind me and never told anyone,not even my husband until now. I have not been with another woman since school but have often thought about it. When my daughter confessed her affair with the black girls that overpowering desire for a sexy black woman to take control and use me as her slut returned stronger than ever. I was considering going with my daughter to see her friends when I found you on line. We talked about it and here we are. Yes I am glad you invited Donna as well. You are both so alluring and voluptuous. We are prepared to service you both in any you want."Leona stood up and discarded her robe. She began fondled her own breasts and inserted a finger in her oozing womanhood. The reaction was just as she hoped. Mouths were wide open and looks of craving filled their eyes. Leona invited, "Young white girl get the hell over and worship my ebony frame and Donna will keep your mom busy. How come I'm the only one naked? Strip bitches!" They all did as instructed and Amber walked over to the stunning Amazon trembling with longing for the authoritative black goddess. Leona mocked their small tits and offered her huge black breasts to the young girl. Amber adored the gigantic globes and nursed like a baby. Leona spread her legs wide and pushed the blonde head down to her smoldering cunt. She then commanded, "Get on the floor and kneel down. Sniff, lick, and suck my juicy cunt slut. Just follow the arrow. Before you do look over at your mom and do it just like that." The sight of her mother eating out Donna made her so hot that she was near climax. Amber inhaled deeply and noticed the pubic hair cut in the shape of a arrow pointing to the honey-pot. The aroma, view, and the thick lipped pussy drove her crazy with carnal craving. The daughter ate with fervor and the big woman held her face tightly to her cooking cunt. As the juices and cum flowed into her hungry sucking mouth the young white girl trembled to her own quaking orgasm. Leona placed the girl on her back on the floor and ate her tasty young pussy. Before long Donna sat on the girl's face and Carol ate ass and pussy from behind the busty black Amazon. The orgy went on for hours before they all collapsed from exhaustion. As mother and daughter departed they expressed a strong desire to serve Leona and Donna again as soon as possible. They actually got on their knees and begged. The black women agreed and Leona even added, "You know I used to be a stripper and I have a lot of lady friends that still are in the business plus others that are retired too. Perhaps we can all get together. That way you hungry and needy submissive sluts can have wall to wall black cunts to feast on. Think you'd like that my pretty little cunt lapping sluts? Mother and daughter agreed that it would be a fantasy come true and that they couldn't wait. When they left Leona scolded Dona asking, "What the hell is wrong with you bitch? I provide some choice white pussy and you didn't so much as taste them. What kind of lesbian are you?"Donna was taken aback by the put down and meekly replied, As a Dom I didn't think I should do that. I feed the submissive bitches my cunt. I don't eat pussy."The ex stripper laughed out loud and stated, "You sure have a whole lot to learn baby girl. A lesbian that don't eat pussy!? First time I ever heard of that. I'll tell you one thing though. You won't ever be able to hold a bitch for long. Any tongue wagging Dyke will steal her away from you in a heart beat. Think about what I told you and give me a call tomorrow. I would teach you how t


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