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Where To Buy Cheap Dress Forms

Dress Forms USA specializes in high-quality professional dress forms and display dress forms. We are the nation's #1 source for sewing mannequins - a reputation we have earned through hard work and excellent customer service for thousands of customers.

where to buy cheap dress forms

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From global fashion brands to world famous fashion schools to university theater departments to Hollywood costume designers, our dressmaker forms stand up to the test every single day to make sure you are able to do your work. With superb construction, quality materials and details, we guarantee you will be happy with our products or your money back.

"Love Dress Forms USA! Our department has ordered dress forms from here for several years now and the process is always super easy. The quality of dress forms is high and the customer service is always A+. Thank you Catherine for all of your help."

We produce three different body types for our professional dress forms. The Half Body Form has the torso extending beyond the crotch area but without the separation of the legs. The poles connect through the middle of these forms. The 3/4 Body Form has partial legs extending to the knee area and the poles connect through the left leg. The Full Body Form has legs which extend all the way to the ankles and the form is suspended from the neck.

It is important to note that, despite the above distinctions, our professional dress forms are more similar to each other than they are different. They are all built from a tough fiberglass core using the same size charts. They are all wrapped in a layer of felt and then a tough and durable outer canvas fabric. All of the bases are heavy duty cast iron with functioning pedal-adjustable height.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the commonly asked questions we get for our professional dressforms. We hope they can be of some help. Also, please feel free to write us any questions you may have.

Professional dress forms (also known as tailor dress forms, seamstress form, and sewing dress forms), like the display forms can be used for both creating and displaying clothing. However, the professional dress forms were built from the ground up for sewing, draping and fitting. Constructed with much higher quality materials, they are excellent for sewing and they can keep in tip top shape for a very long time. Once only the tool for tailors/ seamstresses, these professional forms have now also become very popular for stores looking to display clothing with a unique 'high quality tailored' look.

Measurements falling in between dress form sizes is actually pretty common. In these instances, it is always advisable choosing the smaller of the sizes rather than the larger. The reason for this is that all of our dress forms can be adjusted by using padding and you can always pad a smaller form up to size (in those areas where your measurements are higher than those of the form) but you can never pad a larger form down to size. Anything can be used as padding however, we highly suggest using the excellent padding system from Fabulous Fit (here). This kit comes with specially contoured pads for all the important areas of the dress form and filler pads which can be placed underneath these pads to bump the measurements even higher. All of these pads are then covered by a durable stretch cover (included in the kit) to hold them in place (as well as hides the padding).

Our Size Finder guide available through the top of this website should be able to help you with the sizing. Please also feel free to contact us with any sizing questions you may have.Need to know more?We have written up a full guide to our dressforms (here) that address many of these points in addition to many others. We have also published fully detailed assembly guides for these dressforms (accessible through their product pages).

I had no idea how much trash and simply wrong content about dress-forms were out there!I could not find a good one to share with her. I decided to do a little research & send her some information & links to buy a proper dress form.

- Made of elastic polymer material. You can easily pierce it with full length pins. Ideal for drapery: dress form holds pins firmly;- Resistant to iron and garment steamer. You can iron and steam your clothes directly on the dress form, which is not possible with traditional plastic dress forms or papier-mâché;- Compressibility. The torso base is made from a material that is used in car seats. Therefore, the dress form is capable of compressing for comfortable handling of stretchable fabrics.

The only reason to alter a dress form THIS much, though, is if she doesn't match your measurements closely enough. Most commercial dress forms do not. Instead, I would recommend the Bootstrap Fashion pattern because they are much more specific to your actual body shape, and you can corset them because they're filled with polyfill.

I highly recommend PGM body forms. They offer lightweight but sturdy versions of a professional form with a sturdy metal base, and some are not much more than the cheap forms at the fabric store.

These forms are not really usable for fitting pants. Some have a notch at the bottom of the form that is intended to allow for the crotch of the pants, but it doesn't have the shape of the buttocks and upper thigh, which is critical for proper fit on pants. They're only useful for dresses, skirts and tops.

Your dressforms are gorgeous! I didn't see how it could get any better than the music sheeted one, but then you went and showed the starched roses one....sigh....DOUBLE Sigh....I fabric-ed a full size dressform using spray adhesive for my mother a few Christmases ago and it was TONS of work, but she loves it. I have never tackled doing another one for myself but I do have a small collection of premade ones. You should look on my Past Blog Party tab under my blog header picture to go to the DressForm Party that I participated in to see mine! Big TX Hugs,StephanieAngelic Accents

Love what you did to both dress forms - really look vintage-y! Wish I was in Orlando, I would visit your booth instead of going to Disney World ;) priorities, right?! Thanks for sharing with us at Between Naps -MaryRedo 101

This is amazing! And yes I am always on the lookout for vintage dress forms...(they go for a small fortune on Ebay) THank-you I am going to dress a few up because I know people are going to want to buy my display!

Carol,I love your dress forms, and better yet the awesome price! I'm glad you were generous and shared your step by step tut on how to create it. You're so talented, these are GORGEOUS!!!! I don't know how you could think that no one would show up to your link party??? You have sooo many followers who love your work and creativity! Too bad I don't even know how to blog/link or else I'd join the link party! :(

Hi,we offer a large range of dress forms and tailoring mannequins, supplied to the home dressmaker as well as industry. All forms are anatomically accurate and we also offer custom size services. Our company has recently developed a durable soft dress form which is ideal for the home dressmaker and fashion student. We are based in Cape Town RSA but ship worldwide. please contact us for more details:

I was actually looking around for quite some time for affordable dress forms both professional and for display, prices could be quite expensive!Until i found this seller on amazon with prices that really cant be beat.

1. Professional dress form with cast iron base. These kind of forms are usually made with papier mache, padded with a few layers of cotton wadding and covered in linen. These are usually available either as a classic dressmaker form with a skirt cage or as a full body with legs.

Some dress forms cover a middle ground between professional sewing form and display form. For example, Urban Outfitters is selling this dress form, which was probably produced as an inexpensive form by one of the major form makers:

Display your clothes in the best way possible with a practical yet stylish dressmaker form that comes with a tripod stand. Adjustable height to accommodate a variety of garment styles and its pine wood finish looks great with any setting. Made from high-density foam, it is sturdy, durable, and perfect for displaying clothes and accessories. The lightweight design makes it easy to transport anywhere. Perfect for home use, boutiques, fashion programs, and markets.

Explore what's possible with adjustable dress forms for every project and budget. Available in a full range of sizes, our adjustable dress form collection includes popular Dritz lines including Sew You, Twin-Fit, and My Double. Take s... Explore what's possible with adjustable dress forms for every project and budget. Available in a full range of sizes, our adjustable dress form collection includes popular Dritz lines including Sew You, Twin-Fit, and My Double. Take sewing to the next level with our assortment of female, male, and youth adjustable sewing forms.

Hello, I just found you and I am so impressed my god do you have talent for having sewn for so short a time! I will have to ask questions when they come up with my projects. Speaking of which have you seen any male dress forms in your research for this? I have only found one. Thanks for any help and truly fantastic work!

If 10 years ago dress forms were usually limited to professional variants used mainly by tailors & designers, the trend of buying vintage dress forms for display & decoration purposes inspired manufacturers of mannequins to expand their offering with more home-friendly and store-friendly dress form designs that were built to look great and simply display clothing items.

The adaptability of these forms is limited to girth and height, and the resulting shapes will approximate traditional sizing charts. Even after accounting for nominal size, these forms still need pads to adjust for proper shape. The adjustable dress maker forms cannot be used for draping, as direct pinning is not possible. The companies who manufacture adjustable forms include: Singer, Dritz, PGM Dress Forms, Ronis Brothers, and Rozy Display. See Table 2, Adjustable Dress Forms at the end of this blog for more details. 041b061a72


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