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Aegan Tamil Full Movie Free Download

Aegan: A Tamil Remake of Main Hoon Na

Aegan is a 2008 Indian Tamil-language action comedy film directed and co-written by Raju Sundaram and produced by Ayngaran International. It stars Ajith Kumar and Nayanthara, with Suman, Jayaram, Nassar, Navdeep, and Piaa Bajpai in supporting roles. The music was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja with cinematography by Arjun Jena and editing by V. T. Vijayan. It is loosely based on the 2004 Bollywood film, Main Hoon Na.


The film's story is based around Shiva, a CB-CID officer, and his efforts to foil the terrorist John Chinnappa. Shiva is simultaneously attempting to mend relations with his father's estranged first wife and his half-brother Narain. However, complications ensue.

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Major John Chinnappa is a scientist who had created tablets by operating on human guinea pigs. His ploys have always been controversial but inconclusive due to the lack of witnesses. However, an ex-gang member, General Ram Prasad, became a police approver and is on the verge of revealing John's ploys to the police. However, he is on the run to avoid charges. The case falls to Commissioner Karthikeyan, Shiva's father, who assigns his son to go and help solve the mission.

Karthik tells Shiva to attend college in Tamil Nadu St. John's College, Ooty to protect Ram's daughter, Pooja, from meeting with her father. Shiva pleads that he has never undertaken this type of a mission before and does not know much about the current generation. The general points out that, by a strange coincidence, Pooja attends school in the same town where Ram is hiding. Shiva can protect Pooja and look for Ram at the same time.

Shiva goes undercover as a student returning to college after many years away from taking care of the family business. He joins Narain's class but is constantly irritated by Narain's antics. He also falls in love with Malika, a chemistry teacher who happens to be Narain's guardian and Karthik's first wife.

Meanwhile, John Chinnappa decides to kill Ram by hiring an international killer named Mallika. He comes to know about Shiva's mission and sends his men to kill him. Shiva manages to escape from them and also rescues Pooja from Mallika's clutches.

Shiva then reveals his true identity to Narain and Malika and tells them about his mission. He also reconciles with his father and stepmother. He decides to take Pooja to her father along with Narain and Malika.

However, John Chinnappa kidnaps all of them and demands that Ram surrender himself. Shiva fights with John's men and frees his family and friends. He then confronts John and defeats him in a final showdown.

The film ends with Shiva getting married to Malika and Narain getting married to Pooja.



Ajith KumarShiva

NayantharaMalika / Mallika


Piaa BajpaiPooja

SumanJohn Chinnappa

JayaramAlbert Adiya Patham

NassarKarthikeyan (Shiva's Father)

SuhasiniLakshmi (Shiva's Mother)

SrimanChinnappa's Bodyguard



Motta RajendranLocal Goon

Vikas MathurStudent

Sabarish YorkerJunior Artist


The film opened to Indian audiences on 25 October 2008, coinciding with the Diwali season; it received mixed reviews. The film was dubbed into Hindi language as Jaanbaaz Commando.

The film was praised for Ajith's performance, action sequences, and comedy scenes, but criticized for its weak plot, poor editing, and lack of originality. The film was also compared unfavorably to the original Main Hoon Na.

The film was a moderate success at the box office, grossing 555,907 worldwide. It was also screened at the International Tamil Film Festival in Norway in 2009.


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