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Of course, the upside of the slightly recessed treble in the new spherical Echo is that it handles tracks with greater refinement, where more energetic smart speakers (though not the HomePod mini, in our tests) can expose brightness or harshness in some recordings. On balance though, for us it is a mark against the new Echo that the treble is a little undercooked.

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I saw a used Amira at 10k the other day, they usually go for 20k, probably because of this pandemic though. The classic is 10 years old now, the mini is 5 years old. So if it devalues at the same rate as the Alexa classic you are looking at 5 more years. Hard to say if it will devalue quicker.

Yeah the mini will remain more popular for that reason. But cameras will get even smaller with bigger sensors. Full frame is already kind of becoming a standard for bigger films. Other companies could rise up and devalue Arri cameras even more. Who knows really 041b061a72


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