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Telkom World Call Toll Number NEW!

Companies are selected automatically by the algorithm. A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. The algorithm parameters are: user's rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. The algorithm is subject to change in future.

Telkom World Call Toll Number

SupremeCall is a calling plan that enables business customers to save on their total voice call spend. One of the main benefits of SupremeCall is that all calls made will be billed on a pure per-second basis with NO minimum charges per call! Per second tariffs are loaded on our billing platform with 5 digits after the comma, because of rounding , the Incl. VAT and Excl. VAT costs may seem to very similar when viewing short duration calls on this calculator. For more information on SupremeCall or per second SupremeCall rates please visit

Telkom Indonesia is a dominant and largest provider of fixed line services due to owning most of Indonesia's copper network.[4] Telkom also runs telephone exchanges, trunk network and local loop connections for its fixed-line telephones. Currently, Telkom is responsible for approximately 8.3 million telephone lines in Indonesia.[4] And like most of the other state-ownership telecommunication companies in the world, Telkom is obliged to provide public services such as public call boxes.[citation needed]

You receive a detailed invoice each month showing all your conferences, the country of the caller, and the duration they were connected. You are billed based on the country your conference participant is calling from and the number of minutes used. Here is how a typical international conference call is billed:

All pricing is per minute per line and includes toll-free access and conferencing charges. There are no monthly contracts, extra fees, or obligations. You only pay when you use the service.International Dial OutA chairperson can also dial out to a participant anywhere in the world**. Activate the dial-out feature using *1 from within a conference call. Dial 011 (the international direct dialing code), then the country code and telephone number of the participant. Press *1 again to add them to your conference. Toll Access NumbersWe also have toll numbers in many countries. In certain countries and with certain mobile phone providers, you may not be able to access the toll free numbers -- so the toll numbers provide a back up. (*See toll-free restrictions.)People using the toll numbers may incur long distance charges and are responsible for those themselves.**Dial out to international numbers is not available for new customers. Existing customers with an established account history may request the international dial-out feature activated for their account.

Some countries have both a toll and toll free access number, and many countries have a toll free number for support. Some toll free number have restrictions (for example, not accessible from a mobile phone). We do our best to identify these below. If there is a restriction on the toll-free number, the toll number can often be used instead.

To make an international call from South Africa, dial 00, followed by the country code of the country you wish to call, followed by the relevant area code (if there is one), followed by the phone number.

The conference originator chooses a five-digit PIN that provides security and confidentiality. The time of the conference call, the generic number to dial and the PIN is communicated to participants by the teleconference originator.

For conferences of more than seven persons, Telkom still offers operator-assisted teleconferencing facilities, handling a maximum of 24 participants. To book a conference call, customers have to call the service centre at 10116, giving the operator numbers and names of all participants, the required conference call date and time.

Create a account using your email and password. You can instantly invite participants to a conference call by providing the dial-in number and access code or sharing your conference room link. 041b061a72


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