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The Durrells : Season 1 Episode 1 [HOT]

Reception to the first episode was positive, with Gerard O'Donovan (The Telegraph) calling it "a series that's not only sun-drenched and liberating, but also catches its source material's high good humour without labouring it and weaves an authentic sense of the innocent exoticism of the original," before awarding it four stars.[18]

The Durrells : Season 1 Episode 1


The opening episode averaged just under 6.4 million people and was watched by 29% of the audience over the hour, including those watching on British television network ITV's +1 channel, and was the biggest drama launch of any channel so far in 2016[19] and the most-watched show of the day (including +1).[20] Following a seven-day catch-up period, the figure aggregated to just under 8.2 million people.[21] Citing the show as its "best rating new drama of the year and its highest rating new show since September 2014", ITV recommissioned the show for a second series on 15 April 2016.[22] Over the course of the first series, ratings averaged out at 6.9 million viewers.[23]

Kalimera! As fans of The Durrells in Corfu are probably well aware, broadcast of the fourth and final season of the series is fast approaching - Sunday, September 29th at 8 pm ET on PBS to be exact. (As always, check your local listings for exact dates and times, just to be doubly safe.)

Leslie Durrell has gone from the gun-loving brother who had little interest in his family, to stepping in as man of the house, almost becoming a father himself and learning to love more openly, over the past four seasons. Star Callum Woodhouse was well aware that something truly special was ending, and his reaction to receiving the final script hit him hard.

As you may recall from the end of last season, the Durrells joined the circus, Gerry had to contend with a despondent sloth and Larry was supplementing his serious writing with travelogues for the English papers. Louisa learned that her inheritance from Aunt Hermione had been much diminished by the disastrous investment strategy of her cousin Basil. 041b061a72


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