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What Do I Do (Extended Mix) Fix

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What Do I Do (Extended Mix)

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A lot of time, remix competitions will publish an official remix on an EP or album, giving the music producer even more exposure. Of course, it is important to know how to set yourself apart as a remixer, which is what we would like to discuss in this article.

Typically, stems are broken down into several categories, including bass, drums, vocals, keys, guitars, FX, etc. Start by arranging the stems in your DAW and line them up so that you can see what you have to work with.

When remixing an original song, know what key it is in and what tempo it's at so you can fit it into your remix. Yes, you can always time-stretch the various elements or re-pitch them, but those kinds of tools can only work so hard before things start to sound wonky and unnatural.

...but it's also true that 120 is in general a BPM at which is nice and natural to walk, move and dance! Exactly what people want to do when listening to EDM music. From this Quora question about why is 120 BPM such a common time signature:

As far as history, there are two things here. One is what tempos were used for EDM. Modern EDM derives from a variety of styles of electronic music, but the general setting in many sequencers was 120bpm. It is always adjustable, and in the case of EDM, it's mostly around 120bpm-130bpm. Other styles closely related, such as Trance, ues higher bpms, as low as 128bpm to about as high as 156bpm. But, intros last as long as they do because they are buffer for a DJ to mix seamlessly from one track to the next. As the bpm of a track can be altered by how fast a vinyl is spinning, it is the necessary time for a DJ to find a suitable revolution speed on the table, adjust the vinyl until one track meshes well into the next, and align the phrasing between the two tracks, before panning the volume from one turntable to the next. This time is meant to link the outro of one track to the intro of another track, essentially making it so that the music doesn't stop and flows well.

Having a general plan that you can refer back to when stuck in a rut is invaluable. It helps you stay on task and work on the important. And despite what many argue, planning does not inhibit creativity!

If you are taking prescription meds on a daily basis, you should consult with your doctor to make sure you are taking the proper medication for you. You should always monitor your side effects and, if necessary, get a blood test to better understand what the highest and lowest concentrations of the drug are best for you.

Mash-ups are created by merging two tracks together to create a new mix, often by adding the vocal from one big track to the instrumental of another. Mash-ups can be somewhat cheesy, but equally can draw a huge reaction when played in a DJ set, with artists like the Cut Up Boys basing their whole careers on mashing tracks into each other.

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