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Saraswati Puja Paddhati in Bengali PDF: The Ultimate Resource for Saraswati Worship

With this puja, Saraswati usually appears in different forms. Mostly in the form of Manjari Devata or Chowmukhi Devata. These two deities are related to Saraswati. Manjari denotes education which has flowed from Saraswati and Chowmukhi signifies knowledge and understanding. Thus, Saraswati is the great source of education for humanity. Saraswati is also the goddess of knowledge and knowledge is what every girl needs to establish in her life.

saraswati puja paddhati in bengali PDF


In the Puja to Saraswati as Devata, who is the goddess of learning, the main focus is on the acquisition of knowledge and the medium to express that knowledge is called as Manjari. The Manjari has many forms and with the puja form, the important part is that the knowledge obtained as a result of the puja should be an integral part of your daily life.

This puja is performed through the medium of Manjari (khandito-arthakarini), the goddess of learning. This puja is done by chanting mantras and praying to the guardian deity of wisdom. The deity is worshipped by standing facing the deity and by offering prayers. The puja is offered to the deity at the home altar and also at the festival altar. The Kirtans are offered to the deity and the puja is performed with the due reverence. The sacred thread is worn by the devotee for the puja.

The puja to Saraswati begins with a homam of sesame seeds and cow ghee is offered to goddess Saraswati. The bath to goddess Saraswati is done in the morning and evening. During the bath the devotee is repeatedly asked to visualize the goddess Saraswati coming into her form before them. The practice of the Divine Mother is all pervading, and this puja gives true experience of her.


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