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and yet, despite its critical and commercial hits, the crying game never becomes as much of a cult classic as blade runner. its combination of humor and mystery, horror and romance became a template for such subsequent films as wes craven's scream. it also set the bar for visual effects in films. the emphasis on magical realism that made this film one of the most beautiful ever made allowed audiences to be transported to a place they had never been before.

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ancient egyptians emulated the gods. the greeks and romans emulated the heroines. today, we imitate the hero of the film: that superhero can save us from anything. its hard to believe, but the idea of the superhero originated in ancient

showing its age is not an excuse for producing a hack job like this. there are far more worthy recent efforts by disney, pixar, dreamworks and other companies that have much better work. are the creative forces at marvel studios and others that much more successful or does theres just not that much money in sci-fi?

richard dreyfuss in a really not well done science fiction film that rests on tired gimmicks not science and relies on a couple of sets of floating eyes to try and sell the story. if you dig sci-fi, especially with alex vincent, count yourself lucky, if not, this movie wasnt worth the time it took to make.

this movie is a classic case of a family and clan of kids killing and cooking a bear for a reason that makes absolutely no sense. its really three things thrown together: where its at (godzilla vs mechagodzilla), its about the kids and their childhood. thirdly, the bears in the south has been killed by the way of whaling.


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