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Ek Chalis Ki Last Local Movie In Hindi Hd Download

The story revolves around two people who miss the last local train at 1:40 am at Kurla Station and how it changes the rest of their lives forever. The protagonist Nilesh works in a call centre firm cultivated by the men-centric IT Industry. Night shifts, booze, beer parties seem to occur day-by-day. When Nilesh misses his last train from Kurla to Vikhroli, he is rudely shoved off by a police constable who wants to keep the station clean from anti-social elements like him. Nowhere to go, he strolls outside for an auto-rickshaw, where he bumps into a beautiful damsel in distress, Madhu, also wanting a ride to Vikhroli. As it turns out, the rickshaws are on strike due to a bomb blast earlier in the day at Ghatkopar. Nilesh and Madhu are forced to walk to the next rickshaw stand. Nilesh stops at a local pub and is unable to resist his temptation to have a drink or two alongside Madhu. He meets an old friend, Pat, who appears to have earned a lot of money within a year through gambling. Knowing his expertise with the cards, Pat invites Nilesh to join him in the inner chambers to play with the high rollers. Upon some persuasion from Madhu, he gives in and gambles. Taking over Nilesh's turn, Pat loses all the money they have won to an underworld don. In the meantime, in his search for Madhu, Nilesh stumbles into the restroom where he finds Madhu apparently being forced upon by a local goon. He accidentally kills that local goon. A police encounter specialist with two constables, a religious but notorious south Indian Don (Ponappa), a Gay underworld Don and his gang soon get involved. At last, in a twist and turn of events, all die trying to get 2.5 crore bag except Nilesh at Don's house. Starting the adventure with just Rs. 70 in his pocket, when he catches the first morning train home 2- hours later at 4:10 AM, he has Rs. 2.5 crores in his hands and proposes Madhu 3 days later on the same railway station and lives happily after.

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local Movie In Hindi Hd Download



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