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Unity Asset Bundle 11 Jan 2019 __LINK__

We just ran into this same issue in 2018.3.0b8. After exhausting a bunch of other theories, I tried checking for this "fixed" bug and it resolved the issue. The game (or editor) would crash whenever we loaded a mesh from an asset bundle that had medium mesh compression enabled. We were also getting loads of assertion failures in the logs (Assertion failed on expression: 'meshVD.GetDataPtr() == NULL'). Disabling mesh compression, while not ideal, got rid of the assertions and the crash.

Unity Asset Bundle 11 Jan 2019

At run-time I download a Unity asset bundle from the internet that contains a bunch of prefabs. Then i want to use PhotonNetwork.InstantiateSceneObject to Instantiate some of the prefabs, but this function only accepts a prefab name string, but all the prefabs are inside the asset bundle and only accessible if you first load the object as a prefab, and then instantiate it. You cant Instantiate it as a string name directly like you would if it was in the Resource folder.

The chinese version of Unity has its own inbuild option to encrypt AssetBundles/BundleFiles. As it's a feature of Unity itself, and not a game specific protection, it is included in UnityPy as well.To enable encryption simply use UnityPy.set_assetbundle_decrypt_key(key), with key being the value that the game that loads the budles passes to AssetBundle.SetAssetBundleDecryptKey.


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